Crowd88 has been established by owners and management who have a passion for Equity Crowdfunding, capital markets and a deep seated interest in helping businesses achieve their growth aspirations.
Crowd88 delivers a professional outcome for businesses wishing to raise new capital with a commitment to meet the needs of their investors. Overlaying this is a commitment to ensure transparency and disclosure of material information in a form that enables investors to make well-judged investment decisions based upon their assessment of risk and reward.
Crowd88 emphasises attention to the underlying fundamentals of business and investment which means that our investors and our issuers will always be uppermost in our endeavours. Equity Crowdfunding is not simply about social media and web based initiatives but rather is a part of the long established capital market that warrants due care and professional consideration and a high degree of respect.
Crowd88 is about quality not quantity and we are focused on serving the Australian and New Zealand economies.
Our professional approach is mirrored by our key points of difference and by the quality of our Business Solutions Partners.