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Brabham Movie Minimum Reached

Dec 12, 2018

 By Crowd88

Crowd88 is pleased to advise that our equity crowdfunding Brabham Movie offer has now surpassed its minimum investment target of $50,000 and is continuing on for its maximum target of $200,000. Prior to this offer, Brabham Movie has successfully raised A$1.3M of A$1.5M budget including A$150,000 which was recently raised from Crowd88's Cornerstone Club Investors. The ...

Brabham biopic turns to crowdfunding to cross finish line

Dec 03, 2018


Telling the tale of Formula 1 title-winning driver and team founder Sir Jack Brabham, Australian feature-length film Brabham: The Untold Story of Formula One is sure to be a thrilling piece of cinema. We may never get to see it though, as the filmmakers are currently asking for A$50,000 ($37,000, ...

MOTORSPORT: Brabham movie a few bucks short

Dec 03, 2018


Like Sir Jack at Sebring in 1959, film maker is pushing it to the 'finish line'

The feature-length documentary Brabham: The Untold Story of Formula One is almost finished – but it still needs a few tens of thousands of dollars for completion.

Due to be previewed at ...

Brabham documentary nearing completion

Nov 28, 2018


The much-anticipated Sir Jack Brabham documentary has reached its final stages of production, with independent Australian Film Production Company Aurora Films now looking for extra financial support to complete the film.

Brabham: The Untold Story of Formula One follows the life story of the Australian motor sport legend who won the 1966 Formula ...

Enova Energy Offer - A Big Success!

Nov 17, 2018

 By Crowd88

Enova Energy Offer is now successfully completed. It exceeded the minimum investment target of A$600,000 by raising A$1,019,440 from a total of 611investors! This is the 3rd largest Crowd Sourced Funding raise in Australia to date.

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