Private versus Public Markets

May 03, 2017

 By Crowd88

It is a truism that New Zealand is a land of the SME.  So why is it that we see so much effort and importance placed upon the public equity market.  With the appointment of the new CEO of the NZX there was a commitment to beef ...

Is the landscape for SME capital raises improving?

May 02, 2017

   By Paul R S Hocking

The securities regime ushered in by the Financial Markets Conduct Act bought 2 very important tools to the SMEs of New Zealand.  The ‘small offers exemption’ and more particularly ‘Equity Crowdfunding’ (ECF) market services has meant that the small end of town now ...

Crowd88 New Zealand now live!

May 01, 2017

By Craig Skien

Established in 2014, Crowd88 is committed to building a quality equity crowdfunding business in Australia and New Zealand. We will be working with some great companies from early stage to IPO looking to raise capital through an efficient and cost effective manner. Whether you are a ...