What Is Our Cornerstone Club?

Our Cornerstone Club is a selected panel of invited individuals, trusts and investment entities (all being wholesale, sophisticated, professional and institutional investors) who will be offered preferential investment opportunities in the Issuers we bring to market through our Crowd88 platform. Cornerstone Club members are persons to whom potential Issuers may pitch their offering prior to launching the crowd funding equity raising campaign. Members of the Cornerstone Club will have the first opportunity to look at the Issuing Company and, if there is any interest, to invest in that Company on terms to be agreed. All of this may happen before the Company places its offering material on our crowd funding platform. The investor under the crowdfunding offer will then receive the same terms as what has been negotiated by the Cornerstone Club.



Register as a Cornerstone Club member. As a Cornerstone Club member you have the ability to negotiate the terms of the investment in the issuing company prior to the offer to the crowd.


Issuing company pitches to the Cornerstone Club. A member/s of Cornerstone Club commits to an Investment. 


Company offer launched on the Crowd88 platform and opened to the Crowd. When the company meets their target amount funds are transferred to company and shares issued to Investors.


Investment is complete and Company provides regular reporting to the Cornerstone investor/s and to the Crowd.