Investor Benefits
The benefits to investors of the Crowd88 approach to Equity Crowdfunding arises from our expectation that each Issuer should attract early commitment to invest from our Cornerstone Club members who may also appoint one or more independent directors (from our pool of Independent Directors) and will give a commitment to ongoing and frequent disclosure and reporting to the crowd funding investors.
  • We require issuers to present themselves to our Cornerstone Club with the objective of attracting a major commitment. 
  • Our Cornerstone Club will help guide the issuer to set a fair valuation for their business and terms for investors. All crowdfunding investors receive the same terms and documentation as the Cornerstone Investor/s although a cornerstone investor may obtain a board seat commensurate with the investment they are making. 
  • We encourage Issuers to bring on one or more Independent Directors onto their board prior to opening their crowdfunding offer.
  • We require Issuers to commit to a programme of periodic disclosures and reporting to ensure Investors are kept well informed post their investment.
  • There are no fees payable by investors.
  • Diversification of your investment portfolio.
  • Tax incentives for investments in companies that qualify as ESIC.