Investor Types


Members of Crowd88 are classified by Investor Type. Members can be classified as either a Retail or Wholesale Investor. Initially, all members will be classified as a Retail investor. The criteria that a member needs to meet to be classified as a Wholesale Investor is provided in the below links under More Information.


Benefits of being a Wholesale Investor

  • Additional offerings as Wholesale Investors will get access to some deals that Retail Investors cannot access
  • Wholesale Investors will be invited to join the Crowd88 Cornerstone Club. The benefits for a Cornerstone Club member can be found here


Change your Invest Type

  • If you meet the Wholesale criteria you can change your Investor Type to a Wholesale Investor in your profile.
  • Whilst most offers on the Crowd88 platform will be open to Retail and Wholesale Investors some offers be restricted to Wholesale Investors only.
  • NOTE: Changing to a new Investor Type will require you to self-certify some criteria or upload documents to our website to satisfy local regulations.

More Information

For information regarding the criteria for Retail and Wholesale Investor types click on the following links.