The Crowd88 Way
At Crowd88 we realise investing in early stage companies is risky so we have taken measures to help reduce that risk. Our model for issuers recommends Cornerstones Investors, Independent Directors and sound disclosure and reporting post investment. We believe in the long term these features along with good governance will benefit both the investor and the issuing company.

For those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio by taking further risk in search of higher returns Crowd88 is pleased to make the offers on our website available to you.


Cornerstone Investors: The Cornerstone Club is a group of experienced investors who make cornerstone investments in issuing companies on the Crowd88 platform. Our cornerstone investors can also influence how the issuer presents itself to the crowd as they engage the issuing company prior to launch on the Crowd88 platform. At an early stage the cornerstone investor will advise the company how they believe it can best structure, build and value the business to make a good business opportunity successful.


Our pool of Independent Directors provide issuers access to governance professionals who will bring experience and skill to the board table to ensure the company meets its objectives, remains committed to its core business proposition and honours its obligations to share holders.


At Crowd88 we believe that continuous disclosure and frequent ongoing reporting keeps investors informed as a vital part of investor relations and in building confidence amongst investors. Crowd88 requires issuing companies to commit to ongoing disclosure and reporting obligations.