How It Works
Raising new capital from investors is an exciting but daunting process that needs to be approached in a careful, considered and appropriate manner. Equity Crowdfunding is a great way to access new capital and when it succeeds you can consider you are on a path to better things. But your crowdfunding investment offer needs to be planned and structured to deliver that successful outcome.

The steps below outline the professional approach taken by Crowd88 to the necessary planning and structure of your crowdfunding investment offering.



Tell us about your company - Register your company on our website.

If we like your story we will then work with you to define your proposal for raising new equity.


We put your proposal to our Cornerstone Club and endeavour to secure a Cornerstone Investor(s).

We assist you, if needed, to select independent directors to add depth, skill and experience.


Work with your Cornerstone Club Investor(s) and your Board and engage with professional advisers to help you build your offer to the Crowd.


Finalise your crowdfunding offer, plan your crowdfunding campaign and open your Crowdfunding Offer on the Crowd88 website Our dedicated and supportive crowd of investors will help to deliver your capital raising goals.

Why have a Cornerstone Club Investor, independent directors and seek professional advice on how to build and structure your business, prepare the most suitable investment offer and plan a great campaign?

Because experience tells us that having a serious Cornerstone Club investor(s) on board, building a strong and independent governance structure, taking the right advice and disclosing all relevant facts in an honest, forthright and transparent manner will ensure your investors have a good investment experience, will be looked after into the future and will be the best sales people and supporters your company could wish for. And they should be there the next time you need them for new capital.