Why Crowd88?
We know from experience that raising new capital is not easy. We know what investors want. We know what enables your company to raise capital now and what sets your company up to deliver returns to your investors and to attract new investors as your company grows and your future needs and aspirations develop. Equity Crowdfunding is the start of a journey and we know how to ensure that journey is a good one for everyone involved. That's why Crowd88 has put together a process that hits all the trigger points, delivers the right services, gives you the resources and structure your company needs and then works with your company to take your idea from inception to success.


  • Our Cornerstone Club allows you to attract one or more investors as one of the foundations of your Crowdfunding campaign.
  • Your can create a great crowdfunding campaign.
  • Our flat success based fee of 7% plus GST with no other hidden costs.


It's our job to help you put together a short form proposal to attract a Cornerstone investor(s) into your company and to assist if necessary the right independent directors to build the foundation of a strong governance structure.

These important steps in the Crowd88 process are designed to give the Crowd the confidence to know that your company's proposal has been scrutinised, is credible and that your business is being built with the investors' interests in mind.

Your Crowd88 Lead Advisor will introduce your company to our Cornerstone Club members and help you present your business to attract a serious, experienced investor so as to give your campaign a boost in meeting its campaign milestones.

Your Crowd88 Lead Advisor will if you desire also search through our register of independent directors to find you one with the right skills and experience in your industry and business stage to build not only a strong governance base but a source of advice and guidance.

These people will help your company structure your crowdfunding offer to the Crowd.